What is MMAP?   Michigan’s Medicare Medicaid Assistance Program

At the Alpena Senior Citizens Center, a certified MMAP counselor can explain things so you can make informed decisions about your insurance.

Things like:

  • Medicare benefits
  • Your plan options
  • How to enroll – When to enroll
  • Costs
  • Provide enrollment assistance


  • If a senior has limited resources, a MMAP counselor can help apply for the appropriate program (Extra Help with prescriptions), Medicare Savings Program (Part B premiums), or Medicaid and/or other opportunity to join or switch your Medicare drug plan.
  • A MMAP Counselor can help seniors save Rx costs by identifying other resources/manufacturer programs and help seniors evaluate their drug plan during the annual Part D Open Enrollment.
  • A MMAP Counselor can explain Long Term Care options and assist with the application process.
  • A MMAP Counselor will identify and report Medicare & Medicaid fraud and abuse.MMAP is a free service.  MMAP Counselors do not make decisions for you; they do not sell you insurance; they guide you through your options.   Call 356-3585 extension 21 for more information.