We deliver meals to those who cannot participate in the congregate meal program because of a physical, mental, or emotional difficulty. If you feel that you or someone you know would benefit from Meals-on-Wheels please call to see if you qualify.

City Delivery

Hot meals are delivered Monday-Friday between 9:30 and Noon. Frozen meals are offered for the weekends.

Alpena County Delivery

Hot meals are delivered on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Frozen meals are offered for Tuesday, Thursday, and the weekend.

Liquid supplements are available for seniors 60+ who qualify with a doctor’s prescription.

Suggested donation of $3.50 per meal. Suggested donation letters are sent out once per month for the meals received.

For more information about Meals-on-Wheels please call the senior center.

*All of the programs require a client assessment for qualification and are re-assessed every 5 months. 

* If schools are closed due to inclement weather in home services will be done at the discretion of the care provider.