Donation & Sponsorship Opportunities



The Alpena Senior Citizens Center is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to promote Fellowship, Independence, and enhance the Dignity of Alpena County Seniors, their families and caregivers through a variety of educational and supportive activities.  Your support is essential to our success in serving the seniors of the area.  Remember that all donations are tax deductible in the United States.

Donate to support a specific program or project, or make an unspecified donation to support all services and programs offered at the Senior Center. Invest in the Future of Senior Services in Alpena County

In 2011, the Alpena Area Senior Citizens Council, Inc. established an endowment fund with the Northeast Michigan Community Foundation as a way to plan and secure program funding for the senior center for years to come. The Center’s endowment fund is unrestricted; however, only a percentage of the interest earnings can be spent on an annual basis in order to assure the original funds will grow over time.

To donate to our fund, please contact Northeast Michigan Community Foundation by calling 989-354-6881, or make an online donation on their website:

Memorial and Honor Program

Gifts to the Alpena Senior Citizens Center are fitting tributes to the memory of those no longer with us, or in honor of those we love and care about.

Your gift as a general contribution, or in their name, will enable the Senior Center to continue to protect the welfare, independence, and dignity of older adults throughout Alpena County. Your tax deductible contribution will help us continue to be responsive and strong advocates for our elderly citizens.

You have the opportunity to serve the living and pay thoughtful tribute to the memory of a friend, associate, or relative.

A Charitable Bequest

Rare is the person who regrets having been truly generous or thoughtful. Yet, how can you give away property, securities, or real estate now if you don’t know whether you or your family will need those assets later? One solution is to make gifts to charitable organizations by means of a bequest- a gift in your will.

  • Easy. A few sentences in your will complete the gift.
  • Revocable. Until your will goes into effect, you are free to alter our plans.
  • Versatile. You can bequeath a specific item, or an amount of money, a gift contingent upon certain events, or a percentage or reminder of your estate.
  • Tax Wise. You are entitled to an unlimited estate and gift tax charitable deduction for gifts to qualified charitable organizations.